Where to find clay pots online

Where to find clay pots online Clay pots used to be rather hard to find. But today they are easily ordered on the Internet. Here are some of Paula Wolfert's favorite sources: Bram: A little store on the town square in Sonoma devoted to clay pot cooking, stocking glazed and unglazed tagines, glazed bean pots, and Colombian La Chamba cookware. www.bramcookware.com Toque Blanche: Specializing in Colombian La Chamba cookware. www.mytoque.com Gourmet Sleuth: Several types of clay pots, including Colombian La Chamba cookware. www.gourmetsleuth.com Spanish Table: All things Spanish, and beyond, including glazed and unglazed tagines and earthenware cazuelas. www.spanishtable.com La Tienda: Another Spanish cooking website, this one has clay bean pots and lidded and unlidded earthenware cazuelas. www.tienda.com Clay Coyote Gallery & Pottery: Flameware cazuelas, and Flameware clay pots and tagines by Emile Henry. www.claycoyote.com L'Atelier Vert: Several types of French clay pots, including daubières for stews and beans. www.frenchgardening.com Sur La Table: Glazed and unglazed tagines, and Flameware clay pots and tagines by Emile Henry. www.surlatable.com Tagines: Everything for Moroccan cooking, including glazed and unglazed tagines. www.tagines.com Cafe Pasqual's: The popular Santa Fe restaurant sells Felipe Ortega's micaceous utilitarian cookware through its gallery. www.pasquals.com Tulumba: This website devoted to all things Turkish sells earthenware guvecs. www.tulumba.com -- Paula Wolfert

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