The Times' cookbook selection

"The Immigrant Cookbook: Recipes that Make America Great" celebrates the diversity in our kitchens

A new cookbook brings together recipes from immigrant chefs from around the world

A new cookbook is donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood, another to the ACLU

A new wave of women sees the humble cookbook as a tool for effecting change.

10 cookbooks for your holiday gift list

We've got cookbook recommendations for everyone on your gift list.

Burnt milk ice cream, grasshopper sorbet and other great recipes from Fany Gerson's latest cookbook

The noted pastry chef's third cookbook celebrates Mexican ice cream.

10 of the best new cookbooks of 2017

You can tell the approach of fall when football floods the airways, the kids go back to school — and the cookbooks start hitting the shelves, thick volumes penned by high-profile chefs and filled wi

7 L.A. cookbooks you’ll want on your kitchen bookshelf

These cookbooks will help bring your favorite L.A. dishes from restaurant to home kitchen.

Talking with John T. Edge about Southern food, in and out of L.A.

Author John T. Edge talks about his latest book, "The Potlikker Papers," a food history of the South

Cookbook of the Week: 'All About Eggs,' the last cookbook from Lucky Peach, plus an egg tart recipe

An egg cookbook from the folks at the Lucky Peach magazine.

Cookbook of the Week: 'Tartine All Day' from Elisabeth Prueitt, the co-founder of Tartine

The James Beard Award-winning pastry chef and Tartine Bakery co-founder has a new cookbook of home recipes.

Cookbook of the week: 'In My Kitchen,' by Deborah Madison, and a soup recipe

Cookbook writer Deborah Madison's 14th book, plus a soup recipe

Marcus Samuelsson talks about his 'Red Rooster' cookbook, baking biscuits and why he loves cooking to Nina Simone

Chef Marcus Samuelsson makes biscuits and talks about his new cookbook and his Harlem restaurant.

Cookbook of the week: 'The Artists' and Writers' Cookbook' plus the "Coraline" cheese omelet recipe

‘The Artists' and Writers' Cookbook,’ edited by Natalie Eve Garrett, tells a collective story about more than just how to prepare food.

A look at one of the largest private collections of cookbooks by African American authors

What do you think of when you hear the words “Aunt Jemima”?  While African Americans have shaped and defined the food culture of the United States for

Anthony Bourdain dishes on dad food and why he hates club sandwiches

You may be familiar with Anthony Bourdain, the foul-mouthed, sharp-tongued world traveler, chef and TV host who slurped noodles with President Obama in Hanoi.

This fall's new cookbooks: 27 of our favorites

27 of our favorite cookbooks, best cookbooks of the year, gift ideas

Dorie Greenspan talks about a world of nothing but cookies

Dorie Greenspan talks about a world of nothing but cookies

What's up with the cookbook industry these days

Not long ago, the death of the printed cookbook was declared imminent. But the business appears to be as healthy as before.

New cookbooks offer recipes for Persian, Turkish and Uzbek cuisine

Because I am a very lucky person (and the host of a long-running food-focused radio interview show, “Good Food” on KCRW), cookbooks get dropped off at my

'The Monster's Cookbook' has everything you'll need to throw a killer Halloween party

cookbook of the week 

Cookbook of the week: 'Big Bad Breakfast' by John Currence

Cookbook of the week: 'Big Bad Breakfast' by John Currence

Cookbook of the week: With 'Simple,' Diana Henry proves again that simple is often best

Diana Henry's new cookbook, 'Simple: Effortless Food, Big Flavors,' shows that simplicity is often the way to go.

Cookbook of the week: 'Tokyo Cult Recipes'

Tokyo is one of the world’s greatest food cities, a massive and glorious place to eat that spans the culinary spectrum, from Michelin-starred restaurants

Cookbook of the week: 'Samarkand' maps the stories and food from around the Silk Road city

Cookbooks tend to divide into spatial categories: those that are close to home, essentially explorations of the author’s kitchen or family cuisine; and those

What an unusual vegetable; what is it? Flip open Michelle McKenzie's 'Dandelion & Quince' cookbook to find out

Let Michelle McKenzie's "Dandelion & Quince" cookbook be your guide to unusual vegetables at the farmers market.

Cookbook of the week: 'The Wurst of Lucky Peach,' plus your Lucky Peach book club update

If you, like many food-minded people, spend an inordinate amount of time reading the quarterly food journal Lucky Peach, the devoutly on-trend publication

Cookbook of the week: 'Ingredienti' by Marcella Hazan and Victor Hazan

When Marcella Hazan died in 2013, the legendary cookbook author left us with a short stack of books, most notably her “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking”

Book of the week: 'Finding the Flavors We Lost'

A look inside Patric Kuh's "Finding the Flavors We Lost," telling the stories of such artisanal cooks as Nancy Silverton and Jean-Louis Palladin.

Cookbook of the week: 'The Vatican Cookbook'

The papacy is one of those institutions that is endlessly fascinating -- blame Rex Harrison and Charlton Heston, for those of a certain age, or maybe Dan Brown.

Cookbook of the week: "K-Food: Korean Home Cooking and Street Food"

Before Da-Hae and Gareth West, the husband-and-wife authors of this new book, decided to write a cookbook, they first opened Busan BBQ, a street food

Cookbook of the week: "A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches"

Sometimes, not often, a cookbook shows up that you grab immediately, no questions asked, and start to read. The new book by Tyler Kord is one of those. Blame

Cookbook of the week: 'An: to eat'

Cookbook of the week: "An: To Eat: Recipes and Stories From a Vietnamese Family Kitchen" by Helene An and Jacqueline An (Running Press, $35)

Cookbook of the week: 'Little Flower Baking'

For years, the sea salt caramels made by Christine Moore's Little Flower Candy Co. have operated like currency in this town, beribboned bags of them found in

'Home Cooked: Essential Recipes for a New Way to Cook,' by Anya Fernald with Jessica Battilana

If you've spent a lot of time at Belcampo, Fernald's butcher shop and counter at Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, or her larger restaurant of the

Cookbook of the week: The reissue of Diana Kennedy's 'Nothing Fancy'

Diana Kennedy's "Nothing Fancy" is reissued with new recipes, revisions of old ones and a plea for sustainability.

Cookbook of the week: "Eat Your Drink: Culinary Cocktails"

Cookbook of the week: "Eat Your Drink," by Matthew Biancaniello (Dey Street Books, $22.99.)

Cookbook of the Week: 'Cooking, Blokes + Artichokes' by Brendan Collins

British chef Brendan Collins' 'Cooking, Blokes + Artichokes' is about making Dude Food with serious technique.

Really love bread? Check out 'The New Bread Basket' book

Book of the week: “The New Bread Basket,” by Amy Halloran (Chelsea Green, $17.95).