Camera Catches Bear In Cascade Township

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Bears love honey -- and a Cascade Township tree farmer has photographic proof.

After returning from a hunting trip Saturday, Marc VerHage of Jenison checked a trail camera placed among friends' bee boxe s at his family's tree farm near Cascade Road and Snow Avenue in Cascade Township. VerHage suspected that a bear had been bothering the bee boxes and his suspicions were confirmed when a picture snapped at 12:39 a.m. Nov. 11 showed the bear among the bee boxes.

VerHage told FOX 17 NEWS that he first had "suspicions of bear activity" after finding damage to fruit trees, where "something was trying to pull down fruit," as well as animal droppings around the area.

VerHage allows friends to put their bee boxes on the property. After the bee boxes were damaged, the friends asked if they could post a trail camera, which they did.

VerHage said that on the first night after the camera was put up, the picture was taken.

He said they don't want the bear to leave, but that they would like the animal to leave the bee boxes and trees alone. They have contacted Michigan State University about finding ways of doing so.

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