New MLB Draft Rules Could Affect Players like Forest Hills Northern's Cam Wysocki

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A new era in the Major League Baseball draft begins tonight.

The first Major League Baseball Draft since the passing of the new collective bargaining agreement begins tonight and new rules could have a major impact on some athletes like Forest Hills Northern senior Cam Wysocki.

Wysocki has a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Michigan, but is still hoping he gets drafted tonight.  But unlike in years past, the team that drafts Wysocki won't have much time to decide if they want to sign him.

One of the new rules regarding the draft is that the signing deadline has moved up a month, from August 15 last year to July 13 this year.

"Kids like Cam typically in the past have been drafted and followed all summer, which if you pitch in Michigan, you know that your best days are typically in June, July, and August," said Dane Wysocki, Cam's father and high school baseball coach. "This year they didn't have that ability as much. I know those scouts that I talked to were just racing back and forth to so many different high schools just to figure out who could be on the radar let alone even signable."

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