First Car Love Rekindled

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Dave Durst's first love stamped his heart in 1983. There were only about 2,000 others that looked like her in the whole world then, and now, there's only about 300 left.

But the others only look like her, because Dave's Rebel Machine is one of a kind. His big green 1970 AMC Rebel Machine came with all the trimmings, making it an instant hit with his high school pals.

"I went out to holland beach in it with my friends everyday you know and beat around town thinking I was cool," said Durst. "It came with the highest horsepower AMC had, a 390/340 horse came with a TAC in the hood working ram mirror scoop uh..what else..Dana 20 rear end 4-piston disc brakes which at the time was pretty rare you know."

Dave shared the road with his love for about six months in 1983, then the Rebel tanked.

"Blew it up racing a porsche down 131 and took the engine out. Couldn't get parts for it so it sat and sat and finally I traded my half of it to my brother for a stereo so he sold the car in 86'-87'," said Durst.

Over the years, Durst kept track of the car through a buddy who made a registry of the remaining Rebel Machines. He found out his first love belonged to a guy in Ohio. Then about three years ago, something came over him.

"I had the itch to get this car back."

So he did, but not without some serious negotiating.

"I ended up restoring it to what it is now. Just a good time you know i love the car it brings back a lot of memories a lot of good high school times," said Durst.

It's creating new memories too. The Rebel Machine has been featured on Jay Leno's Garage website, along with Hot Rod Magazine and the Snap-On Calendar.

But believe it or not, that's not the only prized automobile in his collection. FOX 17's Mike Avery explains how his passion has grown in the video player.

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