Last Minute Campaigning For a House Seat

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Just days away from the election and we're taking a look a local race that will likely come down to the wire.

Six candidates in Grand Rapids are trying to get elected to the State House of Representatives in 76th District.

A district that has known controversy for months leading up to the November election.

This race started making headlines before the primary this Spring, when Roy Schmidt switched parties from Democrat to Republican sparking two investigations due to allegations of voter fraud.

On Friday, FOX 17 caught up with Republican write-in candidate, Bing Goei as he was going door to door in the district. 

"We're going to keep knocking on doors.  We're going to try and keep meeting people.  We're going to try and attend different event," said Goei when asked about the final days of this election.

United Taxpayer Party candidate, William Mohr was also knocking on doors when we asked him the same question.

Mohr said, "We've got eight to ten guys out frequently and this is what we do now, just knock on doors and ask for votes."

The Democrat's candidate, Winnie Brinks, was at her campaign office with volunteers. 

She said she just came back from visiting voters, "We're out there knocking on doors, dropping off literature, making sure people are remembering to get out there and vote."

Libertarian candidate Patricia Steinport told us by phone, while she isn't handing out fliers or calling voters, she is talking face to face with everyone she can trying to encourage their vote.

That leaves the person currently in office, Republican candidate Roy Schmidt.  You may remember he switched parties earlier this year in a highly publicized scandal.

We wanted to ask him how he was spending the last few days before the election but multiple messages to his campaign manager and his office in Lansing were not returned.

We then stopped by the Representative's house, no one came to the door.  We were also told by the Kent County Republican Party that he has no local campaign headquarters in Grand Rapids leaving questions about his final push before the election.

The last time FOX 17 heard anything from Roy Schmidt's campaign was late last month.  His campaign manager told us Representative will be out of town visiting his son in the Airforce on election day. 

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