Three Pets Abandoned in Home After Renters Evicted


Three pets were picked up Thursday morning after they were discovered abandoned at a Van Buren County home by previous renters.

Police were alerted to the situation in the 24000 block of 4th Avenue in the Village of Mattawan after a landlord discovered the animals following an eviction of the renters. The landlord advised that the two tenants, a 35 year old female and 31 year old male, had been evicted a few days prior.

The animals, an adult terrier dog, a kitten and a guinea pig, had no food or water when they were found.

No other property was left by the renters.

The animals were removed and taken to animal control for housing. The guinea pig went to a vet for care and possible adoption.

Police say the animals appear to be in good condition, but wouldn't have lasted long without food and water.

Authorities are trying to locate the two renters at this time.

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