Security Guards are Ready for New Casino

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The new crop of Casino Security Guards are ready to work when the doors open at the newest Casino in West Michigan, Gun Lake Casino.  Friday, they finished their training.

The security guards received two weeks of training that trained them to respond in the event of an emergency, and communicate during difficult situations. They also learned how to preserve the scene of an incident.

The newly trained security guards are the first line of defense against a crime or any other incident inside the Casino.

"There are specific things for a Casino... how we move money... but ultimately they do guest services" said Matthew Smith, the Corporate Director of Security Training for Station Casinos.

Tribal Police, the Allegan County Sheriff's Department, even Michigan State Police are all well versed on how to handle an emergency at the Casino.

The different agencies have been working together for months now because there are 3 jurisdictions on Tribal Land; Tribal, State, and Federal.

During the summer, they attended a 2 day Emergency Management training.

"One of our biggest goals  is to try to provide a seamless Law Enforcement response  knowing that a lot of the jurisdictional issues  on Casino land can be  complex" said Lt. Frank Baker with the Allegan County Sheriff's Office, "We're putting things in place today that will hopefully make for a seamless effort in the future".

Law Enforcement in the area advises you to plan ahead if you're traveling in the area. They believe traffic off of U.S.131 in Wayland may experience backups and road congestion.

  Gun Lake Casino opens in Allegan County in mid-February.


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