Teens Stumble Upon Human Remains in Civil War Era Home

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Two intrepid teens' exploration of their family's new home turned up more than they expected when the pair stumbled upon human bones.

Police told FOX 17 that the homeowners, Bryant and Teasha McIntosh, purchased the home in the 100 block of East High Street, Union City, recently. The house is thought to be well over a century old, and is the second-oldest home in Union City, dating back to the Civil War era, when it was used as part of the Underground Railroad.

The family had turned up some historical items of interest as renovations on the home got underway, such as old bottles and a book. This sparked the interest of the couple's two teen daughters, 13 and 16 years old.

The two girls began to explore the attic of the home in hopes of finding more items of interest. A January 12 search led one of the girls to reach down into floorboards in the attic, when the girl discovered what she thought was a doorknob.

Instead, the discovery turned out to be a human femur bone.

After pulling up floorboards, more bones were discovered, including ribs and a lower jaw bone. The rest of the skull was not with the bones, however. Along with the bones, what appears to be a woman's corset was also discovered.

After notifying police of the bizarre discovery, Michigan State Police assisted at the scene with a special camera that allows investigators to penetrate walls and floors to aid in the discovery of any more remains.

The camera did not turn up any other bones. The bones discovered are thought to be over 100 years old, and have been sent to Michigan State University's anthropology lab for further investigation.

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