Upton, Walberg Win GOP Nomination In 6th, 7th Districts

Two big congressional seats were up for grabs in this year's August 3rd Primary: the 6th and 7th districts.

The 6th district covers Kalamazoo to the Lakeshore. Twelve-term congressman Fred Upton is reported to have beat challenger and former State Rep. Jack Hoggendyk with about 58 percent of the vote.

Upton will face Democrat Don Cooney, a Kalamazoo City Commissioner, who ran unopposed. In 2008, the two faced off in the General Election, where Upton beat Cooney with about 60 percent of the vote.

Upton told FOX 17 Tuesday that he's ready to get to work.

"Jobs and the economy is the number one issue, there's nothing else. With a couple years of 15 percent unemployment, we're ready for a change," said Upton. "Hopefully, we'll see that in November, the calvary's going to help us in Congress. We're going to have a new governor, we'll be excited as a Republican team."

Former Congressman Tim Walberg is reported to have clinched the Republican nod for the 7th District seat. It's the fourth time Walberg has fought for the seat. He held the job from 2007-2009 before losing to Congressman Mark Schauer.

The district covers part of West Michigan and most of Calhoun County. Walberg faced off against former Marine and political newcomer Brian Rooney and Manchester businessman Marvin Carlson in the Primary.

Congressman Schauer ran uncontested on the Democratic side. In 2008, he beat Walberg by only about three percent of the vote following a bitter primary battle.

Walberg says he's ready for the re-match.

"That means showing the contrast between us and I don't think that's going to be hard. If we have the resources to get the message out, it's going to be fairly clear that Congressman Schauer represents Speaker Pelosi's district in San Francisco far better than the district here."

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