WKLQ goes online, WBBL goes FM

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Citadel Broadcasting has made some significant changes to two of it's local radio stations. WKLQ, the rock station that formally broadcast on 107.3 FM, now becomes West Michigan's first ever online-only radio station at WKLQ.com.

WBBL (The Ball 1340) will hop into 107.3 FM, becoming the only FM frequency in the area dedicated to all sports all the time.

"More than 70 percent of the current WKLQ listeners use the website weekly," said Matt Hanlon, regional president, Citadel Broadcasting. "This new technology and direct connection all the time is designed to get closer to the needs of this audience; it is where they want us to be."

The company has also locked in multi-year contracts with the West Michigan Whitecaps, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings, and Michigan State University football and basketball to assist WBBL with it's transition to FM.

"This will be the largest investment in radio sports programming this region has ever seen," said Hanlon. "This is a sports town and putting 50,000 watts behind that idea is a large investment. It will give us more power to reach more people with a unique opportunity to bring great talk and great teams with an even more expanded spot for local sports."

All sports programming on WBBL-FM 107.3 will being this week, except the West Michigan Whitecaps will stay on 1340 AM and the Detroit Tigers will stay on WLAV FM until the baseball season is over.

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