Web Moment: Improv Everywhere Brings People Together

The GroundlingsHudson River

I have always believed there are two kinds of people: those who believe the Internet connects people and those who believe the Internet leads to isolation.

Now, not so much.

A group called Improv Everywhere has been doing what their name implies: everywhere is a good place for improv. Not just the situation comedy type that Second City, the Groundlings, and--locally--River City Improv performs. Their kind of improv hinges on participation.

Sometimes, those who participate do so unwittingly. But many time, everyone is in on the improv.

Monday night, July 25, thousands of people gathered in two locations along the Hudson River in New York City. They all had previously downloaded a specific mp3 file and brought a list of items, including flashlights, flash cameras, and glow sticks.

At exactly 8:30 p.m., everyone pushed 'Play.'

The recording included instructions on what to do, and people executed them. If you were wearing ear buds, you heard everything you needed, including music to dance to. If you weren't, you got only part of the experience.


In the end, I have seen a way the Internet not only connects people but brings them together in real space and real time, all in real fun.

I'll bet it was special to be there. Together. With thousands of complete strangers.


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