Vigil Held for Boy Killed in Parade Accident


The community of Wyoming hosted a vigil tonight, supporting the family who lost their little boy in a tragic accident.

Jordan Lamrouex was on a float in a homecoming parade in Wyoming Friday evening when he asked to get off the float. His parents helped him off and as he was walking alongside of it he apparently fell into the wheels of the trailer.

There were easily 200 people at the vigil at Gladiola Elementary. His mom, a preschool teacher herself, thanked the community for their support. "I really don’t have words to express how thankful that we are for everybody’s support, it really makes me feel a lot better," says Mikaela Lamrouex.

Mikaela and Deron Lamrouex, Jordan's father, held each other tight during the vigil and prayers. They say they still can't believe the accident even happened. "He just fell," said Mikaela.

Hundreds wrapped the young couple in hugs and gave them words of support. A member of the Boy Scouts said for the troop, "I’m sorry for their loss." Others hugging the couple and Jordan's grandfather, said, "I'm so sorry."

He was full of life, very energetic, very happy, always had a smile, he loves being around people, everybody loved him everywhere we went, everybody loved him," said Mikaela and Deron, Jordan's mom and Dad.

For the little ones missing Jordan, balloons were handed out in his favorite color, orange.

Superintendent Tom Reeder said they were going to send them off with the hope they will reach him in his new home. He said they were messages to heaven for Jordan, but reminded the kids they could send messages or prayers anytime with their thoughts. "I just want everybody to celebrate how special he was," said Jordan's Mom.

The group then gathered outside to release the balloons. "He was my angel," said Mikaela.

"People need to know what kind of community we got here and I can’t thank you enough," said Duane Sprague, Jordan's Grandfather.

"I just want everybody to know how special he is, and I just want to celebrate his life, instead of remembering so sad, I just want to celebrate his life because he was really special," said Mikaela.

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