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Hollywood and Production Central

The Front Lot and Hollywood sections are the first things visitors see when they enter the park. The Front Lot assimilates you into the movie-themed realm of Universal right off the bat with it stylistic architecture and trompe-de-oleil murals. Hollywood Boulevard is literally a street of dreams.

"Lucy: A Tribute" -- an interactive exhibit dedicated to America's funniest red head. Costumes, props and other memorabilia from her movies, television shows and commercials are on display, along with personal home movies and classic video and TV clips that inspire endless viewing.

"Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time" -- A combination live-action/adventure show and 3-D movie based on the Terminator series This ride usually has a long line so be sure to try the Universal Express tickets.

Universal Horror Make-Up Show -- Every trick in the book is explained, and then some. From high-tech, blue screen animation to plain old fake blood, fans can see how effects from their favorite screamfests (from "Creep Show" and "The Fly" to "Death Becomes Her") were created.

Production Central:
Production Central contains state-of-the-art studios and sound stages that Universal visitors can tour for free.

Nickelodeon Studios -- Play games based on your favorite Nickelodeon shows, but beware, you may get slimed.

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast -- Board a rocket and follow this boy wonder on a journey with other popular cartoon characters like SpongeBob Square Pants and Hey Arnold!.

Shrek -4D -- Pick up where Shrek leaves off and watch the story unfold through "Ogre Vision."

SoundStage 54 -- Don't be fooled by your theme park program, this is not a ride or a show. Rather, it is an open area to view Universal movie cars. See vehicles from popular Universal movies like The Mummy Returns and Jurassic Park III.

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