Water Mania

Water Mania has been soaking Orlando visitors for years with its wild water adventures. Located along U.S. 192 in Kissimmee, the park sits at the heart of Orlando's tourist Mecca. It is an ideal spot to cool off after spending a day in the Florida heat.

No one is forgotten at Water Mania, as the variety of slides and activities is broad enough to please visitors both young and old. Youngsters can make their way to the Pirate's Lagoon, an entire area dedicated to the littlest adventurers. This swash-buckling action area features slides, fountains, water cannons and a massive pirate ship to explore. Little ones are also encouraged to take a ride on the Rain Train. This life size locomotive spouts water instead of steam, providing a fun, interactive activity for young ones.

Water Mania is also home to many drenching thrill rides. The Screamer sends guests down a 72 foot speed slide, with a drop that appears almost totally vertical. The Anaconda is designed for families, carrying groups of 4 down 400 feet of twisting tube to a pool below. For an additional fee, guests can attempt to climb the challenging Rainrock Mountain. This unique take on the traditional wall climb invites guests to scale the mountain as rain pours down on top of them.

For those looking for a more relaxing experience, Water Mania has many options. Cruisin' Creek is the park's own winding river, complete with foam alligators and snakes greeting guests as they float along. The park also features a massive wave pool for guests of all ages to bounce in.

Water Mania opens the floodgates on fun and excitement from March to October each year. It is located at 6073 W. Irlo Bronson Highway, Kissimmee, FL 34747. For exact dates and more information, please call (407) 396-2626.

Thrill Rides

  • Wipe Out – Snatch a body board and surf this perfect and continuous wave.
  • Double Berzerker – Guests plummet straight down and over two dips on these twin water slides.
  • The Screamer – Free fall down a 72-foot speed slide.
  • Twin Tornados – Choose from one of two flumes with two different courses as you blast head first down 320 feet.
  • The Abyss – Get engulfed in this enclosed double tube slide plummeting over 380 feet.
  • The Anaconda – 50 feet high and 14 feet wide, the Anaconda sends guests twisting 400 feet down to land in a pool waiting below.
  • The Banana Peel – Guests seated on a two-passenger tube splash to the bottom of a 176-foot slide.
  • Rainrock Mountain – For an additional fee, guests can challenge themselves on this climbing wall made more difficult by water falling down on them from above as they climb.
  • Riptide – This white water adventure sends thrill-seekers plunging into Cruisin' Creek.
  • Kids Rides

  • The Rain Forest – This tropical haven for kids features slides, fountains, water guns and a pirate ship.
  • The Rain Train – Water sprays from the stack, wheels and slides on this life-size child's locomotive.
  • The Electric Arcade – The arcade is located near the entrance of the park.
  • Birthday Land – Birthday Land is the perfect place to host child birthday parties. Comes complete with vibrant gazebo.
  • Leisure Activities

  • Cruisin' Creek – Lounge with or without a tube in this 850-foot tropical winding river.
  • Whitecaps Wave Pool – Dive in this 720,000 gallon pool and ride the waves, with or without a tube.
  • The Woods – An intimate picnic area, The Woods is a perfect place to relax and barbecue while out at the theme park. A children's playground, basketball courts and volleyball courts are nearby.
  • Tips:

    1. Prices are very competitive.

    2. Three acre picnic area that is shaded and in the woods; can leave your cooler there without worrying that someone will move it because there's enough acreage for everyone.

    3. The park is more children/family-oriented; there's not a lot of thrill rides but a lot of children and family rides.

    4. Rain Rock Mountain is the only waterfall, climbing wall in Orlando.

    5. Wipe Out is the only surf simulator in an Orlando water park.

    6. Cement is very hot – so make sure you wear your sandals.

    7. You can rent towels and lockers at the park.

    8. Make sure you wear sunscreen.

    9. No alcoholic beverages are served in the park or allowed in the park.

    10. No glass containers.

    11. Height restrictions for rides are minimum 44".

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