August 23, 2011-Away With Hathaway

OK, let me get this straight. Coach Calhoun doesn't like Jeff Hathaway, but Geno does, and Paul Pasqualoni is kind of non-committal. Uh, OK. Well, Hathaway will land on his feet. A $700,000 pile of money will cushion his fall. I follow UConn basketball and football, so I have a fan's interest in what goes on with the athletic program. I really haven't seen a good, comprehensive explanation of why UConn let Hathaway go. It seems to me all the programs are doing well. Certainly, the University of Connecticut is a brand name all over the country.


I could argue that UConn is so well known because of the coaches. The AD doesn't pick the talent that plays the games. I really don't know what an AD does do, other than hire the coaches and mollify donors' egos. I really don't care what goes on with the AD, barring willful malfeasance, ethics violations, or broken laws. In Hathaway's case, I don't think that was the problem. Still, I'd like to know more.

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