6/5/2012-President Wait! What?

I can't wrap my head around the idea that

Mitt Romney

might be our next president. It's possible, of course, because anything is possible in politics, and if the election is about jobs and the economy, Romney can't lose. That's not to say anything will be different for the average working stiff.

The working stiff (wage ape, Joe Six-pack, whatever you want to call him) always gets it on the chin. He, or she's, middle class and the burden of the middle class is to pay for everything the government  provides. The only way out for most people who dream is to rise to a higher class, the wealthy. Nobody aspires to be poor to escape the burdens of the middle class, yet that's what's happening with the sluggish economy and job numbers.



Bill Clinton

beat George H.W. because, "It's the economy, stupid." I can't blame the average uninformed voter for turning to the


this year. They did it in 2000 because they were angry at Clinton and

Al Gore

didn't inspire them. They could do it again this year, unless they take the time to read up on the two candidates. Then they'll find what I've found, and that's why I drew today's cartoon.