The Web's Best Travel Links

Air Travel:

Bradley International Airport
The official site of Bradley International, the airport in Windsor Locks serving the Hartford and Springfield, Mass., areas,  has information about the airlines that fly from it, as well as flight schedules, parking, ground transportation and the like.

The World Airport Directory
Looking for an airport Web site? This international directory has an extensive set of links.

Airlines of the Web
Can't find an airline's Web site? This extensive, searchable directory will help.

About: Air Travel
There's a lot to learn about the art of being an air passenger here. The best feature is a link to airlines' seat maps for various aircraft.

The Trip Flight Tracker
This is a top-notch tool to track the departure and arrival of flights between major U.S. cities in real time.


Travelocity is one of the leading airfare sites on the Web. Its "Dream Maps" feature is particularly fun.

Orbits, founded by several leading airlines, is a robust fare search engine.

Expedia is another major airfare site. The "Fare Compare" feature is quitehandy.

Tell Hotwire when and where you want to go and it will respond with the lowest prices from its participating airlines. The catch: you don't find out the name of the airline or the exact departure time until you buy the ticket.

Critics say Priceline's reverse-auction process takes too much control from consumers when they buy airline tickets. But the site is still selling lots of them.

Cruises: is an enormously popular and somewhat disorganized site, flush with cruise ratings and reviews and busy message boards - some where travel agents and passengers barter for cruises and others where passengers trade advice.

About: Cruises
This site in the network has practical articles such as "Planning Your First Cruise" and "Hurricanes and Cruises," plus a rich set of links to cruise-related sites all over the Web.

Cruise Critic
The Cruise Critic site has message boards for the major cruise lines, and each gets dozens of posts daily. The site also has a section on ports of call and shore excursions, topics neglected on many cruise sites.

Cruise passengers who visit this site are asked to rate their level of satisfaction on dozens of criteria, from dining-room service to cabin amenities, and the scores are averaged for each category. The reviewers' comments are also provided.

Tyzo is a travel directory featuring tens of thousands of travel sites organized in a directory covering more than 130 countries.
At you can construct a personalized mini-guide to any of hundreds of popular destinations around the world.

Yahoo! Travel
The recommendations for restaurants, hotels and attractions are nice, but the real strength of this site is the network of links to Web sites for the places you want to visit.

Discount Travel:

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Online
This site has a wonderful daily newsletter, published on the site and available via e-mail, of travel bargains around the globe.
Travelzoo is a guide to travel sales, specials and deals, with extensive listings provided by travel agencies. from Conde Nast lists and archives daily air, hotel, cruise and vacation package deals. has an extensive database of travel deals, many of them from large travel discounters.


Connecticut Department of Transportation
The DOT has lots of information for drivers, from real-time traffic cameras to construction updates. Driving Directions
Find your way from here to there with's driving directions page.

Rand McNally Road Trip Guide
When you're planning a road trip in the United States, this guide can tell you what road construction projects could be in the way.
Not that you would speed, but if you did you might want to see this list of places where police throughout the nation like to lie in wait.


Official site of the railroad company, with online schedules, route maps and ticket sales.

Metro-North Railroad
This railroad carries commuters and other passengers between New Haven and Grand Central Station in New York City. It also runs trains between the city and seven counties in New York state.

Travel Tools:

Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets
Is the country you want to visit safe? The State Department's advice about crime, unrest and other hazards worldwide are particularly valuable for travelers who leave the beaten track.

State Department  Passport Services and Information
This site describes how to apply for a passport, renew a passport, replace a lost or stolen passport, even add extra pages to your passport. There are even downloadable forms.

The Compleat Carry-On Traveler
This site calls itself "A Compendium of Opinions and Ideas on the Art of Travel, With an Emphasis on Living Out of One (Carry-On-Sized) Bag." And that about covers it. calls itself "the currency site" and it sure has lots of bells and whistles to back that up. Not only will its converter translate dollars to Deutsche Marks but it will give you a printable cheat sheet of currency values that you can print and carry in your wallet.
Need to get online when you travel? lists more than 4,000 Internet cafes in nearly 150 countries.

ATM Locators
Find automated teller machines around the world for MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus and Visa/Plus

U.S. Access Phone Numbers
Don't get ripped off phoning home from overseas. Use your long-distance carrier's special U.S. access numbers. Get details from the Web sites of AT&T, MCI and Sprint.