Lies, False Stories, & Fraudulent Tales

This article circulated through Chicago's Herald-Examiner reporting completely false information: "two white women and child were killed by rioting blacks." There was another headline around the same date that had this same information, but it was two blacks and a baby slain by a white mob... on top of that, some articles that circulated said in the headline "Murdered" to only later find out in the reading they were "Seriously injured." This information was criminally wrong and read by hundreds, maybe thousands. The Chicago's Herald-Examiner paper created this story to sway readers into believing the stereotypes the media placed on race. At this sad time in history, journalism and ethics were not one in the same. 2012 brings hope for prosperity to all, white, black, yellow, purple, it doesn't matter. Ethics in the media has helped in creating fair, valuable stories. Fraudulent
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