A sled for all seasons

Ice Meister Slicer: An all-season plastic sled, outfitted with two thin blocks of ice, designed to slide down grassy slopes. Ice lasts one hour at room temperature, much less in 80-degree heat. Likes: Great fun for everyone. Feels just like snow sledding, without the snow. All smiles and laughter as you zoom downhill. Easy set up: fill up the two square-foot, 2-inch-deep ice trays, freeze overnight, clip into bottom of sled, and find a grassy slope. It's stealthy fitness; the kids happily ran uphill to do it again and again. Can be used all day in the snow and 45 minutes on grass (until the ice blocks melt). Dislikes: The ice blocks melt. If no steep, grassy hill is nearby, you're out of luck. Price: $59.95. (303) 517-1973; www.icesled.com.
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