A stash of calorie-friendly treats to get you through your Coachella weekend

Got the munchies? Keep a stash of these easy-to-carry and calorie-friendly treats in your tent at Coachella to get you through the weekend:

Up all night

Pull an all-nighter with Awake Energy Granola Bars, which are packed with 101 mg. of caffeine — the equivalent of a cup of coffee — and come in flavors like dark chocolate caramel and cinnamon bun. The brand also makes chocolate bars and bites with caffeine. $24.99 for 16 bars at awakechocolate.com

No time to sleep

If you'd rather drink your caffeine, toss a few slender, lightweight cans of High Brew Cold Brew Coffee in your bag. Using roasted fair-trade beans, the coffee is combined with reduced fat milk, cane sugar and Stevia and flavors such as Mexican vanilla and salted caramel at under 100 calories. Also one to try: the newly-launched protein-rich Creamy Cappuccino. $2.49 at Ralphs and Sprouts. highbrewcoffee.com

A cool crunch

Gochujang, the trendy Korean chile paste, powers the new Seaweed Crisp from Asian food brand Annie Chun's. The oven-baked, vegan and gluten-free snack uses a thin layer of crisp brown rice to provide the crunch to the seaweed, at 80 calories a packet. The crisps also come in Korean-style BBQ flavor. $2.49 at Pavilions, Vons and Amazon.com. anniechun.com

Totally different

Berkeley-based Dang Foods is known for its flavorful coconut chips (it won a specialty food award in 2014). The brand is poised to replicate that success with its new Sticky-Rice Chips in Original Recipe, Sriracha Spice and Coconut Crunch. Organic Thai sticky rice is steamed, soaked in watermelon juice and then crisped for a crackly snack that has 30% less fat than potato chips. $3.99 a bag at Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods and Rainbow Acres. dangfoods.com


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