In-Your-Face Fitness

Fitness champs, like Mohammad Ali and Kris Carr, come in all shapes, sizes

Inspiring fitness figures, including Jack LaLanne, Bruce Lee and Richard Simmons, show that overcoming adversity can lead to big things.

Fitness: Exercise apps for your smartphone

IPhone, iPad and Android apps can help you boost your fitness level. Reviewed: Yoga With Janet Stone, Endomondo Pro, Nike Training Club, Zombies, Run!, Fleetly.

Gift ideas for the traveling health fanatic

Gift ideas for the traveling health fanatic include a jump-rope, protein shake mixer, dumbbell water weights and a water bottle.

L.A. brands have an inside track on sports clothing

Fashion: California's fitness consciousness creates a healthy atmosphere for L.A. designers to produce sports clothing.

In-Your-Face Fitness: Keeping your lower back pain-free

When you have back pain, core-strengthening exercises are only one component in a program designed to avoid and/or rehabilitate lower lumbar problems.

In-Your-Face Fitness: Vanity can be a healthy asset

Exercising not only helps you look good, but leads to better health.

In-Your-Face Fitness: Is there a right way for women to get ripped abs?

Yes, experts say. But the best way to achieve a defined midsection is to burn it off. A low caloric intake can lead to menstrual disturbance and/or bone loss.

In-Your-Face Fitness: SoulCycle's mix of cycling and upper-body workouts raises concerns

It's seen a rapid expansion of classes, with two studios opening soon in the L.A. area. But some have concerns about the combo method. One of its founders says, 'It's actually very safe.'

In-Your-Face Fitness: All you need is love

In setting fitness goals, you've got to be willing to experiment and find your thing and then work on getting good at it. When you develop competence through training and practice, this elicits a feel-good sensation.

In-Your-Face Fitness: The pull to exercise outdoors

Running is running, and there are advantages to a treadmill, but spending time in the great outdoors can be a tremendous exercise motivation.

In-Your-Face Fitness: A few dents in those cellulite theories

Cellulite doesn't seem to have a cure. An informal poll indicates, though, that women can experience slight improvement in appearance with diet and exercise, but it's by no means a guarantee.

In-Your-Face Fitness: How to build come-hither biceps

Biceps: Women like them and beer-drinking men need them.

In-Your-Face Fitness: Friend through thick and thin?

The promises of quick weight loss and lean muscles started with the salutation 'Dear Friend.' But the friendship unraveled quickly.

Drummer Neil Peart's body is finely tuned instrument

Neil Peart, the percussionist for the rock band Rush, keeps his body a finely tuned instrument.

In-Your-Face-Fitness: High-intensity training burns more calories

High-intensity training burns more calories and fat than moderate exercise, no matter what doctors say.

Want a superhero physique? Here's how

What's a regular guy to do amid a season of cinematic superheroes showing off their muscles? Finding the right motivation is a good start, and for some that's attracting the opposite sex.

An injured ACL isn't a death knell for athletes anymore

An injured anterior cruciate ligament is a dreaded injury for any athlete. But recovery can be more assured with close adherence to rehabilitation program, both before and after surgery.

The myth of ripped muscles and calorie burns

A look at statements that a pound of muscle can burn 50 times the calories of a pound of fat, and the research that chases the metabolic pronouncements.

Well, about that 10K goal …

The goal was to run the Calgary Underwear Affair 10K in less than 40 minutes. All that training, the carbo-loading, the checklist. Ah, well. Time to try, try again.

Holistic nutrition is weak on science, strong on selling supplements

Among other things, holistic nutritionists may teach that fluoride and pesticides are lethal, that most diseases and detrimental behaviors are diet-related and that many people would benefit from taking numerous supplements.

The weary road to a 10K milestone

The goal is to run a 10K in less than 40 minutes. The personal diary tells the tale of aches, pains, triumphs and grinds.

Not motivated? Sign up for a race

Not motivated? Make a commitment by signing up for a marathon or bike-a-thon. It'll step up your level of seriousness. Plus, you'll get others' support.

Kettlebells work for Daniel Baldwin, but are they right for you?

Actor Daniel Baldwin swears by the Russian training tools kettlebells, but they may not be the best thing for nonathletes.

When to choose cosmetic surgery, and when not to

Cosmetic surgery can make you look better. And, by making you look better, cosmetic surgery can make you feel better. But a concerted and long-term effort to kick your own butt with exercise and healthy eating can do some of the same things that surgery accomplishes.

The six-pack pursuit gets ripped

Deprivation and hard work can bring out the washboard abs, but there doesn't seem to be a legitimate health reason for it. But the wife might have another idea.

For that fabulous sculpted body, the Bowflex makes a good coat rack

Despite the buff models and the elevated claims in the ads, the Bowflex is a poor substitute for free weights, a sensible diet and like-minded friends.