Reality check for your fitness resolution from a reality show trainer

If your 2014 resolution is to lose weight and get in shape, Bob Harper from 'The Biggest Loser' can help with a reality check to combat unrealistic expectations and motivation killers.

Half-marathons hold special appeal to female runners

Half-marathons hold special appeal to women runners. A record 1.1 million women completed half-marathons last year, accounting for 60% of finishers.

Television, movies can take mind off walking

#LATFit Nation member Kurtiss Locker watches television or movies on the treadmill to take his mind off exercise.

Got a fun, creative way to get fit? Join #LATFit

Got a fun, creative way to get fit? Join #LATFit Nation

The food journal: A little tech could make it stick

Food journals become more fun to follow with apps and websites

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Reader health tip: No cocktail before 10,000 steps

JoAnn 'Jo' Stougaard of 'My Last Bite' offers a health tip for maintaining fitness goals in 2013.

Reader tips for staying the course

Reader tips for staying on track with 2013 fitness goals

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