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Cinnamon extract for better insulin sensitivity can be found online, at stores

In the March 17 Health section, Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon wrote about cinnamon to improve insulin sensitivity. I have type 2 diabetes. After reading the article, I went looking for a water-based cinnamon extract. I have been unable to find any place that sells it. Can you tell me the name of a product and where to buy it?


Woodland Hills

Several products can be found on the Web and are available by mail order. I contacted the Graedons, who replied, "The one product that has been tested in clinical trials is Cinnulin PF. This water-extracted cinnamon product is sold in health food stores and on the Web."

Whole Foods Market carries Cinnulin PF, according to a spokesperson for the company. So, too, do some smaller health stores, such as one we contacted: Nature Mart, at 2080 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles. (CVS Pharmacy used to carry the product but no longer does, says a CVS spokesperson.)

In the column, the Graedons wrote that studies have shown that cinnamon can improve blood sugar control. However, they caution: "We recommend taking a water-based extract rather than relying on cinnamon from the spice rack. Some cinnamon is contaminated with coumarin, which can cause liver toxicity."

-- Susan Brink


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