Look ma, no screws

Look ma, no screws Everlast Multifunction Home Gym Bar: Pull-up bar that rests on the lip at the top and sides of the doorway frame. Likes: Very convenient -- no holes to drill (or holes to fill when you move). Can be instantly moved to any door. Numerous padded hand positions for underhand, overhand and handshake-style holds. The various grips and body angles let you target different muscles and develop your back more fully. Example: The basic overhand pull-up grip works your outer lats, while the wide-grip pull-up with your back arched (pulling your mid-chest to the bar) stresses the middle of your back and your rear deltoids. Dislikes: Although the bar was stable, I had a nagging fear that it might suddenly fall off the door sill or that the wooden sill would collapse or splinter. After all, your entire weight is resting on the thin 1/2 - to 3/4 -inch sill of the door frame. Also, you can't leave the bar in place because you can't close the door, as with the others. I'd be afraid to do upside-down monkey-bar moves on it. You can't do Aussies or horizontal rows. Price: $39.99. (800) 221-8777; www.everlast.com.
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