Two Guys Lose Weight: I want to pig out at Fatburger!

The following is a blog documenting two Los Angeles Times editors' attempts to lose weight. It all began on Jan. 10.

I’ve heard from person after person:  it’s not the workout, it’s what you eat.


That wasn’t so true back when I was working on Capitol Hill in the '90s.  I could run around Lincoln Park (not the band) for an hour, hork down a lot of garbage (disguised as food) and still lose weight.

As long as I ran.  As long as I had plenty of cardio, I could eat whatever I wanted.  And I could treat  beer like it was food, as my former boss used to say.

That changed over time.  A decade later, when I ballooned up to my world record weight of 249, there was no way I could dump the lard even with monstrous

"Biggest Loser"

-type workouts.  Even though I was a cow, I could still do a 10k.  But, unlike the earlier experience, the weight stayed on.  Sadly, I had to watch my diet.

Even though that’s not going to change, the news from the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal is good.  A

says there’s a substantial longer-term benefit after a good workout.  Put in a solid 45 minutes and you get a 519-calorie burn.  On top of that though, you can lose an extra 190 calories over the next 14 hours.

That’s nice but I would prefer that be 1,900 calories in those 14 hours.  But short of acquiring a meth habit, that doesn’t look possible.

Times writer

equates the extra burn to being able to eat three Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies without impact.  Again, that’s nice.  But how about a workout that would allow me to pig out at my favorite place: Fatburger.

I asked my former trainer Teri Crenshaw to give me a workout that would balance out a Kingburger (850 calories), cookies and cream shake (1,180 calories), and chili cheese fat fries (590 calories). Total: 2,620 calories.

Give me that workout!  Teri writes:


"5 hours! (and...ewww! Does someone actually sell that combination of artery clogging nasty food-stuff?!)  At your current weight (188 lbs) you burn 511 calories per hour on a Stairmaster. 2620/511 = approx. 5 hours.

"BTW: Running at an 8:30 mile pace burns around 900 cal/ hour.  So...If you are going to eat that combo. all you have to do is run a marathon to burn it off! lol"

I think I'll just pass on the Fatburger for now...