It's meant to lift and tighten the skin with no surgery and no down time.  It's called Ultherapy. This month the Food and Drug Administration gave clearance to a new use for this ultrasound therapy:  to lift the neck.

Julie Roach, like many women and men, is looking for a little help to look younger. "I guess I was just seeing a few signs of my face starting to change a little," Roach said. That's why Roach, who owns a salon in Roanoke County, decided to give Ultherapy a try. "I'm in the beauty industry so I think this stuff is fun anyway," Roach said. "I'll try anything once."

Roach underwent an Ultherapy treatment at Southwest Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery in Roanoke County a month ago.  "So far there's been a little bit of a change, a little bit of tightening," Roach said. She hopes to see more improvement in the days to come.  

Ultherapy takes at least 90 to 120 days for the full result to take effect. "It just tightens up the skin. It gives you a more defined jaw line. It gives you a slight brow lift," said Kathleen Gorman, master esthetician at Southwest Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery on Electric Road.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology that's micro focused to create heat. Unlike traditional laser that works on the outer layer of skin Ultherapy goes deeper.

"The Ultherapy goes through the epidermis, through the fatty tissue and and into the deep dermis," said Gorman.

"By using that technology we are able to target deep structures in the face and neck and deliver a finite burst of energy which is also ultrasonic and that tightens and lifts the skin," said plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Breiner.

The results are not as dramatic as a facelift but there's  no down time and no scarring.  "I was a little sore and I had a little bit of light bruising but nothing you couldn't cover with makeup," said Roach.

Ultherapy's been around for two years with Food and Drug Administration backing for use in the forehead area.  This month it got clearance for the neck area. The Southwest Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery has offered the treatment for the past two months and already they've had more than 30 people come in for the procedure.

The cost is anywhere from $500 for a small part of the face to $2,000 for the full face and neck. Results are supposed to last for up to a year and half and may last up to five years for patients who start in early middle age, according to Dr. Breiner.