A lot of you swear you'd never drive drunk, but you are probably guilty of doing something else that is just as dangerous if not more.

The Centers for Disease Control reveals one out of every 24 adult drivers admits to recently falling asleep behind the wheel.

"Especially a lot of young people, they'll say I got drowsy but I can continue on with it," says Lynwood Basham, a Roanoke resident.

"Yea it's just like somebody drunk, they're all over the place," says Michele Gibson, a Roanoke resident.

In 2012, Southwest Virginia saw its share of drowsy driving accidents. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, Montgomery County led the pack with 24 drowsy driving accidents.  Nineteen accidents were reported in Pittsylvania County.  There were 13 drowsy driving accidents in Bedford, Franklin and Roanoke Counties. One fatility was reported in Franklin County.

A DMV spokesman say the  number of these type of accidents are probably higher for most areas but a lot of times, it's either under reported or a more serious charge is issued.

"You're more likely to fall asleep at four o'clock in the morning," says Dr. Frank Biscardi of the the Carilion Clinic Sleep Center.

He also says a persons body temperature falls off after lunch which is what causes them to become sleepy again.  It has nothing do with lunch.

Biscardi warns drivers can sometimes kid themselves that they're awake because their eyes are still open.

"You can see things and hear things, but when your chin starts to drop and you don't focus anymore, you're probably very close to sleeping," says Biscardi.

All of this little comfort to Sharon Ammons who's survived three car crashes.  None of them so far were caused by drowsy drivers, but she wonders if that's around the next curve.

"Yea, they put everybody on the road at risk because if they fall asleep, they're most likely going to harm the other person," says Ammons.

Sleep experts says if you are chewing gum or ice to stay awake it doesn't work.  The only things that do work are caffeine, particularly coffee, and taking a 15 minute nap.  Anything longer could make you groggier if you can't get a full seven to nine hours of rest.

According to Drowsydriving.org, being awake for 18 hours without rest is equivalent to a blood alcohol level of .08 percent, which is legally drunk.