#DroughtBusters: What are your water-saving tips for beating California's drought?

Are you a pro at saving water? Share your water-saving tips with us! Bonus if you share a photo you took too.

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Your secret is safe with us...

-- Rene Lynch

This water saving tip is not idiotic at all

Christopher Weakley / Getty Images

Christopher Weakley of Sherman Oaks is saving water during the drought by keeping an ear on shower time, with help from Green Day:

“I wanted to cut down on the time I spend in the shower, but using a timer was tricky. I'd set it for 3 minutes and when it rang I'd still have soap behind my ears. So I got one of these AquaAudio speakers, which connects to my computer with Bluetooth. Now, when I step into the shower, I hit the play button and lather up to "American Idiot" by Green Day, which clocks in at 2:54. (“I Believe in Love” from the "Mirror Mirror" soundtrack is another good one at 2:56.) I know exactly when the song is going to end, so I'm always done just in time."

-- Rene Lynch

No water wasting here

Food writer Stephanie Weaver of San Diego and the website Recipe Renovator makes sure water does double-duty in her kitchen and bathroom. "I am capturing at least a gallon every day in the kitchen and the same in the bathroom," she said.

Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

-- Rene Lynch

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