'Hitchcock' bedroom

"The separate beds were not based on any reality I know about," production designer Judy Becker said. "I think they slept in a full bed. It [the set design] was a nod to the era." Added set decorator Robert Gould: "We were trying to communicate the lifestyle of married couples in this time period. Their bedroom did have a Doris Day feel. This is where you see the other side of Hitch that the public rarely saw. He truly loved Alma, and this place was where he wasn't just the Master of Suspense but a loving husband." The vintage floral wallpaper was from EBay. Becker designed the headboards with matching fitted spreads and benches at the foot of the bed. The quilted matelasse cotton came from Diamond Foam & Fabric and was colored at A Dyeing Art. "If you can source the fabric, there are plenty of good upholsterers that can work with you and give you get exactly what you want for less than what it might cost in a store. And doing a matching tailored bedroom set is just so good looking."
Suzanne Tenner
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