Fashion labels Rodarte, Nudie Jeans launch rug collections

Nudie Jeans releases limited collection of Swedish rag rugs produced from 2,700 pairs of recycled jeans

From runway to hallway: Two popular cutting-edge fashion labels — Swedish-based Nudie Jeans and Los Angeles' own Rodarte — are now producing stylish rugs for the home.

Designed by sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy, the Rodarte collection for the Rug Company consists of four made-to-order patterns. The Ember rug, inspired by Death Valley, resembles minerals and marbled paper and provides a neutral look. A 9-foot by 6-foot rug in that pattern sells for $6,642 and custom sizes can be ordered at $123 per square foot.

The Ivy Trellis, shown in the photo above, is made from hand-knotted Tibetan wool and silk and provides both a geometric and botanical quality. “The Ivy Trellis is meant to draw one's eye across the floor of a space,” say the Mulleavy sisters, “while the Cobalt and Cobalt Motif draw one's eye to the center of the room.” Each design is available in stock as 9-foot by 6-foot rugs for $12,096 and can also be made in custom sizes for $224 per square foot.

For those on a tighter budget, Nudie Jeans has produced a limited collection of Swedish rag rugs known as tansmatta, produced from 2,700 pairs of jeans as part of the company’s Recycle Denim project. The 4-foot, 7-inch by 2-foot, 3-inch fringed Lill-Mat  is $499, available at Nudie Jeans House in West Hollywood and online. The Stor-Mat, which measures nearly 8-by-5.5 feet in a limited production of 75 pieces, costs $899.

The inspiration for the rugs came from an environmental initiative and Scandinavian style. “Woven rag rugs have been a fixture in Scandinavian interior styles historically and can still be found in many Swedish homes today,” says Maria Erixon, creative director for Nudie Jeans, a brand that offers free repair services on its products in Nudie Jeans stores.

“Not all jeans can last forever and eventually there will come a point where your jeans can no longer be repaired,” Erixon adds. “We envisaged recycling these exhausted jeans even further as rugs.” The results are hard-wearing and casual, with a fashion-forward variation of color and texture (think Missoni) that fits both traditional and contemporary interiors like a classic pair of designer jeans.

To make the most of their recycling efforts, Nudie Jeans also produced 250 In-and-Out Camper seats, folding stools with a seat made from  braided seams of  jeans, which could not be used in the rugs. Priced at $299, they are available in both light and dark colors.

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