State Group AAA Indoor Track Championship

February 28, 2009- Bethel's Maya Moore lunges forward to place second during the 1600-meter relay at State Group AAA Indoor Track Championship at the Boo Williams Sportsplex in Hampton I got to the Boo Williams Sportsplex around 1 p.m. I knew Bethel girls were making a run for the state title so I checked in with the reporter, Lynn Burke, to see what the standings were. Bethel was in great shape to take the title but it was literally going to come down to the last race of the meet. I positioned myself with a view of the finish line and photographed the final event. Bethel was in close contention for the first leg or so, and then their lead began to grow. Finally, the last leg of the race got the baton and the team was looking like it was going to be a shoe-in. I was looking out of the corner of my eye for the three other runners so I could get them celebrating as they won as the final leg turned the corner. Then, suddenly her stride did not look as clean as it had been and then she fell. Inches shy of the finish line. She laid there, in obvious pain, as the other runners made their way to the end, then, just as the other runners were about to cross the finish line, she lunged. She lunged just enough to take second place and beat Landstown for the state title. I have never seen a more dramatic end at a track meet, let alone a state track meet. It was amazing.
Diane Cebula, Daily Press / Buy Photo
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