Q13 FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Police Say "Drugstore Cowboy" Author James Fogle Has Returned To Life Of Crime

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In the 1989 movie, "Drugstore Cowboy", Matt Dillon stars as a character based on the notorious pharmacy burglar James Fogle.

The film was based on a book Fogle wrote about his life. It's about a group of drug users in the 70's hitting stores in the Pacific Northest.

Now the, Centralia police say the 73-year-old burglar is back in action knocking off stores again.

Detective Carl Buster tells Washington's Most Wanted Host David Rose they believe Fogle was part of a brazen heist at Hall's Pharmacy in January of 2009.

"They locked themselves in the bathroom of the adjacent grocery store and basically took a saw and sawed their way through -- and came out in the pharmacy," Buster said.

"Quite frankly, you do have to appreciate his tehcnique. It's a pretty slick deal," says owner Warren Hall. "I think they were a lot better carpenters than they were finding the drugs because we actually had them locked in a safe. They got some money. They got some drugs, but not what they were looking for."

The burglary happened on a Sunday morning while the grocery store was open, but the pharmacy was closed. Hall says, "He's a little bit amazing in that he had no way out. He drilled through this hole and that was the only way he was going to get back out again was going back out the exact same way he came in."

While they didn't score big, Detective Buster says they left behind some disgusting evidence.

"I figured with all the drywall dust, they were probably blowing their nose so I called the state lab and asked if they could get DNA off of snot and the scientists laughed and said yeah and said send me the stuff so I did."

The lab was able to identify Marvin Flowers-Roscoe who's wanted now by police.

Buster says he's he linked Fogle to the burglary as well.

He says the "Drugstore Cowboy" and his partner aren't going to stop and adds Fogle loves the notoriety.

"Oh yeah, if you're gonna write a book about it, I'd say you're pretty proud of it."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of James Fogle or Marvin Flowers-Roscoe, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Authorities believe they may be in the Pierce County area.

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