Fans Welcome Griffey Back To Seattle At Nike Town

Nike, Inc.Ken Griffey Sr.Ken Griffey Jr.

Mariners fans were delighted at Seattle's Nike Town today when Ken Griffey Junior walked onto the stage and talked about coming home -- at a special "Welcome Back" ceremony for him.

Fans lined up all the way around the block to get in -- for a chance to catch a glimpse of the Major League superstar. Once inside, they were not disappointed, when Griffey walked through a side door and was greeted by admiring fans and an eight-foot tall greeting card signed by just about everyone present.

The crowd participated in a Q&A with Griffey and baseball fans had a chance to win some autographed items as well.

Check out the video to hear from Junior about returning to Seattle -- and stories about his wife and son -- and his son's friends at high school.

According to Junior, his wife Melissa had mixed feelings about their homecoming. (She's a northwest native.) While it was exciting to come home to her own family, she felt it might not be fair to their son for him to have to change schools.

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