Teen Bandit Again? Colton Harris-Moore Not Ruled Out As Suspect In Weekend Boat Theft

Colton Harris-Moore

Did the "Barefoot Bandit" Strike Again?

That question is on the mind of residents and deputies in the San Juan Islands after a mysterious boat theft.

The Coast Guard found a stolen 30-foot cabin cruiser drifting near Gedney Island, which is just South of Camano Island, on Sunday morning.

Camano Island is, of course, the home for many of the crimes Colton Harris-Moore is accused of committing, including home burglaries, plane thefts, car thefts, and also boat thefts.

The Coast Guard says the boat was stolen from Spencer's Landing Marina on Lopez Island, a few miles northwest of Gedney Island.

Detective Ed Wallace with the Island County Sheriff's Office says right now they cannot rule out Harris-Moore as a suspect, but they have nothing to tie it to him.

The boat is in the hands of police and they are scouring it for physical evidence.

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Colton Harris-Moore