Determining Your Fitness Age

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We all know our chronological age, but our fitness age is how old we feel.  It's how well our bodies deal with everything we ask of them.  Ideally, your fitness age is a few years younger that your chronological age.

A computer program developed by Polar Healthfirst corporation can help measure your fitness age.  The program uses non-invasive data such as height, weight, body fat, strength, and lifestyle habits to determine how you feel.  Do you feel younger than you are?  Or do you feel years past your age?

The program is in use at two of the area Elite Fitness and Racket Clubs: Highlander Elite in Brookfield and North Shore Elite in Glendale.  You can get more information at their website,

In addition to measuring your fitness age, the program can develop a plan to lower that age.  According to fitness managers at the clubs, the programs include dietary changes and exercise programs that are carefully monitored to follow progress.

Greg Capper at the North Shore Elite club says diet is vital to controlling your fitness age. He added, "you don't need me to lose weight.  What you need to do is control what goes into your mouth.  Reality is, it's about 80 % nutrition related and 20% exercise related."

The fitness age program is used to provide goals, in years instead of pounds or inches, and a plan to meet those goals.

The fitness age program was developed by Polar HealthFirst Co.  You can learn more by going to their website,   Digg   Drudge   Fark   My Yahoo

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