Nebraska Police Trying To Catch 'Barefoot Bandit' Colton Harris-Moore

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Authorities say they believe a suspectedteenage burglar from Washington known for daring exploits to evadecapture is moving eastward.

Norfolk, Neb., police have issued a warrant for 19-year-old

Colton Harris-Moore following a June 19 break-in at a municipalairport office. Police say an SUV was stolen from the airport thatday.

It later turned up nearly 240 miles away in Iowa.

Norfolk detectives sent the airport surveillance video to the

FBI's Seattle office and the Island County, Wash., sheriff'sdepartment. An affidavit accompanying the Nebraska warrant saysdetectives in the Island County office "are 85-90 percent sure"the footage shows Harris-Moore.

Harris-Moore has been dubbed "The Barefoot Bandit" afterallegedly committing crimes while not having footwear.

The Camano Island, Wash., teen has evaded authorities sinceescaping from a halfway house in April 2008. He was serving a3-year sentence for burglaries on Camano Island.

He's also believed to have stolen boats, cars, even severalsmall airplanes that have been hot-wired and crash-landed.

Much to the chagrin of law enforcement, a Harris-Moore fan clubboasts more than 42,000 followers on Facebook.

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