Colton's Attorney: "My Job Is To Get It Treated Like Every Other Case, Not Like The Barefoot Bandit"

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Infamous teen bandit, Colton Harris-Moore will find himself in court, in the Bahamas on Tuesday. With charges piling up,Harris-Moore's mother has hired high profile attorney John Henry Browne to defend him.

"My job is to get it treated like every other case, not like the barefoot bandit" Browne said Monday.

He said he hasn't spoken with his client yet but he has been assured by the U.S. Embassy employees that the 19-year-old is in good shape.

He could be in jail in the Bahamas for a while. The police commisioner there now says Harris-Moore will go to trial on weapons charges... not to mention the several burglaries investigators say he committed since crash-landing a plane there two weeks ago.

Browne says the weapons charges could add years to any prison sentence Colton Harris-Moore ultimately serves.

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