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Tornado Rips Through Enumclaw Area Knocking Down Trees and Power Lines

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The National Weather Service confirms the storm damage Sunday night was caused by a tornado that touched down in East King County.

Strong thunderstorms blew through Western Washington the night, knocking down trees and some power lines near Enumclaw. Neighbor Ross Reilly watched the cloud move through his yard "it looked like a tornado, a vortex of dirt and clouds spinning around."

Residents tell us the storm felt like a tornado as it ripped through backyards. Washington State Patrol troopers say no one was injured, but they are responding to several calls of trees down. Some of those trees landed on cars and homes.

Residents say they heard the winds and took cover. Anthony Perkins knew something was wrong when he heard his neighbor's horses get upset "everything started toppling over and I told my kids to run to the back of the house."

Witnesses say they saw a funnel cloud move through the area. There are no reports of injuries, that has many counting their blessings. Curtis Stergion said "my house really wasn't damaged, my shop was but we got a place to sleep tonight."

Around the region, wind gusts of 35 miles per hour were reported. The Puget Sound also broke records for rain fall.

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