Local Pilot Walks Away From Amazing Crash

Reno Air Incorporated

There aren't too many people out there who can say they survived a plane crash but that's just what happened last weekend at the national championship air races in Reno.

The pilot was a man from Des Moines.

When the small handmade Thunder Mustang started to flip onlookers at the race feared the worst but George Giboney survived to tell his story.

George Giboney says, "Something internally in the engine broke and I knew immediately so I climbed to trade my air speed for altitude, got a couple thousand feet above the ground and then the engine quit completely. I really don't remember most of it. I remember hitting the wing tip the first time and after that the next thing I remember I'm just sitting there out in the open."

The plane flipped over and over and over again.

His wife patsy was on the runway but didn't see the crash.

She rushed right over when she heard what happened...

Patsy says, "Terrible. I couldn't believe that it could crumble up so easy and when you go look at it, it was just one little pile. It just folded into itself. Everything firewall forward was gone, the engine and everything, plus his instrument panel was gone and his legs were just dangling out the front end. It could have been a lot worse. I'm just glad he's alive. What I always told him, ever time he was going to take off, come back, just come back."

George will do just that and lives to fly another day.

George says, Oh I'll fly again I don't know whether I'll race again. There might be some resistance on the homefront if you know what I mean."

George only suffered a few cuts and bruises in all that.

He did, however lose his glasses in the crash.

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