Dan Aykroyd Promotes Crystal Head Vodka In Seattle

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Emmy award-winning actor Dan Aykroyd stopped in the Emerald City Tuesday night to unveil his new "Crystal Head Vodka."

Aykroyd signed dozens of bottles of his quadruple-distilled vodka at the state liquor store in SODO.

He says the 40-proof vodka, which sells for $54 a bottle, is worth every penny and has a distinct flavor any vodka drinker can appreciate.

"It's clean. That's the main thing," Aykroyd said, while signing autographs on the skull-shaped bottles with a felt tip marker.

Aykroyd apparently is not only a pitchman for the product, but a connoisseur of fine vodka -- earned through years of experience that dates back to a previous generation.

"My dad's a vodka drinker. I'm a vodka drinker. I've got lots of friends who like vodka. And we're kind of tired of the over-oily feeling in a lot of vodkas. The over-velvety, over-satiny feel. And we decided to do a beverage that was cleaned up."

Liquor board officials say they sold 700 bottles of Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka.

The films which Aykroyd has had a principal association with have grossed close to one billion dollars in worldwide box office sales.

They include blockbusters such as Love At First Sight, Blues Brothers (I and II) Spies Like Us, Dragnet, and Ghostbusters (I and II).

And it appears the passion he brings to his on-screen products has transferred to the vodka-making business as well.

"When we started to trade in the sales legend of the Crystal Heads, it came to us. We have to put a pure spirit in this bottle. We can't put anything in it that doesn't serve the legend of self-empowerment and positive thinking and enlightenment that the Crystal Heads legend is associated with."

The vodka is manufactured in Newfoundland, at the Government of Newfoundland Provincial Distillery.

"There are no additives at all in this. We just won a 91 point rating, because it's clean, it's pure. It's the cleanest vodka on earth and now it's been rated one of the best tasting vodkas on earth."

So what will a person who takes a sip of Aykroyd's new vodka come away with?

"They're going to get a bit of vanilla. It's going to have a little bit of kick of heat off the finish. A lot of vodkas today have taken a lot of the alco punch out and I like that alco punch like the old days, where you have a screwdriver and you felt a little of the alcohol in there."

The man with a three decades-long career in the entertainment business as well as Grammy and Oscar nominations, likens his new vodka to the purity of homemade moonshine.

"My wife's from Tennessee. I've traveled throughout the Carolinas and the south. I occasionally do sample the moonshine that comes out of the woods there. If you can get somebody to make it, it's absolutely pure, beautiful, no additives at all. Of course, we can't make 100 or 80 proof alcohol. This is a 40 proof alcoholic beverage that tastes a little bit like a good old fashioned White Lightning."

Akroyd says he doesn't overdo it when he drinks. And it's his moderation when it comes to drinking that is one reason why he is comfortable pitching a product like this.

"My partners and I, who imbibe, and we imbibe reasonably," he said. "That's why I can sell this. I don't have a problem with imbibing alcoholic beverages. I am happy to say I am a leisure drinker and I share it with my friends in the same way and that's why I'm bringing this premium beverage to market."

But he's realistic and says the price may prevent some vodka drinkers from trying Crystal Head.

"It's not for everyone. It's quite expensive, because the glass is a beautiful piece. And then of course, I'm dealing with the government of Newfoundland, which is across the ocean there. There are shipping issues as well. And we want to make sure it's the cleanest, purest product on the planet, so we pay for the quality."

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