Flood Concerns Prompt Kent Infant Care Center To Move

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The Pediatric Interim Care Center is temporarily moving to Federal Way in case the Kent Valley floods.

The center helps babies that are going through withdrawal from cocaine, meth, heroin and other drugs.

If a flash flood occurs before the Federal Way facility is built, the center will temporarily move to Valley Medical Center.

Executive Director Barbara Drennen says they also plan to protect their Kent building by building a four foot wall around it using barriers and sandbags.

Drennen says, "The babies are going to be very safe. We would never jeopardize the babies safety."

Drennen says it's costing them more than $250,000 to build the temporary Federal Way center.

She says they'll stay there for 3-years which is how long she heard it could take to repair the weakened Howard Hanson Dam.

The Pediatric Interim Care Center has been around 19-years and has helped 3-thousand babies.

They serve all hospitals in the state.

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