13-year-old surprises parents with dragon tattoo on chest


A 13-year-old Centralia boy and cancer survivor came home with a surprise for his parents -- a dragon tattoo on his chest.

It's not known where the boy got the tattoo; he's not saying.  And none of the tattoo places in downtown Centralia said they would give a child a tattoo.

The boy – whose family did not want him or them identified – said he got it during an overnight stay with a friend. He said he got it to symbolize the strength in beating his cancer. He was diagnosed at 2 years of age with leukemia.

“Let me state we’re not saying his is OK, we’re not at all saying this is OK,” said the father.

“But we can’t change it,” said the boy’s mom.

“It’s done,” the father added. “We love our kids very much. Had we known this was something that he was going to go and do, it wouldn’t have happened.”

The boy’s parents say police looked into the matter because another parent reported it.

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