House deemed unsafe

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Mudslides are wreaking havoc on Puget Sound homeowners.

“You always worry about living on bluff, or any kind of hillside, it crosses your mind. If mother nature wants to do her thing, she does it.”

And,  “she” did it!  Kim Hall has never had an amazing view to the north of her Edmonds home. Two huge maples used to stand tall, but now they’re crushed into, and hanging over the house below.

Kim spoke with the homeowner earlier this morning.

“It was about 7:30 last night, he heard it coming down. He went out the front door as it came down. He thought he was done for. It was scary.”

Fortunately his protective retaining wall saved his life. Even with it though, the mudslide crushed the home’s windows, sending mud throughout.

“It went over the top of it, if that (retaining wall) wasn't there, then the whole house would’ve been flattened.”

Everyone got out safely. But the house at 7220 Norma Beach Road has been deemed unsafe by Snohomish County.

Kim only feels safe standing above the destruction, because of the huge bulk head they have built on their property for structure and support. She says she called inspectors out to their house this morning to check everything. The inspectors gave them, the all-clear.

Weather caused problems almost everywhere, including in Woodinville.

Julie Boselly describes what happened,

“Obviously we could tell the storm was coming through, we could see the rain, and the wind was strong, then a transformer blew, and a tree fell.”

Julie then saw a big explosion.

“I realized it was gas coming out, I could smell it. So I called the Fire Department, and they showed up and evacuated this side of the building as quickly as possible.”

As of 5pm Tuesday evening she and several other businesses located in the strip mall, including a dance studio were out of power. Julie owns the local paper, Woodinville Weekly. She says the power outage is a temporary inconvenience, however,

“We’ve got a story for next week’s paper.”


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