Cash For Crooks

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Are you short on cash this holiday season?

Tacoma Pierce County Crimestoppers wants to help you out but there is a catch.

You have to catch a felon to receive money and a holiday gift card.

Advertisements are going up featuring the new program.

Crimestoppers is featuring the 50 Most Wanted felons on their website. For anyone turning them in, Crimestoppers will give $250.00 in cash AND a $250.00 Visa gift card.

Pierce County Sheriff Detective Ed Troyer says, "The seriousness of this is, these are bad people. These are all people that are felons. They're on people's top ten list. They're sex offenders. They're gangsters. These are people that cause havoc and create crime throughout Pierce County and we want them picked-up."

One of the 50 Most Wanted is Charles Stewart. Stewart is wanted for manslaughter in the first degree--- along with other crimes.

Ryan McKinney is wanted for assault of a child in the first degree.

Damon Williams is wanted for failure to register as a level-3 sex offender.

Tacoma resident Brandon Davis reacts to the program, "That's a funny concept. The whole thing with santa and the felons. That's just great. I think it's funny more than anything else."

Fife resident Darin Riendel says, "I'm not going to snitch anyone out obviously, but i think it's a good idea for people who don't have any money and it's a good way to help out the community."

Crimestoppers offered a similar program when gas prices were high.
They gave people $250.00 fuel cards for turning in felons.
As a result of the program, they caught 23.

You may go to this website for all the details and to check out the 50 Most Wanted felons in Pierce County.

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