Colton Harris-Moore timeline

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For a young man, Colton Harris-Moore has quite a history of committing crimes. This timeline highlights some of his crimes.

2004: As a 12-year-old, Harris-Moore is convicted of third-degree possession of stolen property. He is sentenced to 11 days at Charles Denny Juvenile Detention Center in Snohomish County.

2007: Charged with three residential burglaries, Harris-Moore is sentenced to three years at Island County Juvenile Detention Center. He serves less than a year and is transferred in February 2008 to Griffin Home, a halfway house in Renton. Two months later, he escapes from the halfway home.

July 2008: Harris-Moore goes on a burglarizing spree in Washington state. July 17, he steals a Mercedes Benz and sends police on a high-speed chase — he jumps out of the car and runs into the woods.

November 2008: He steals a Cessna 182 from a hangar on Orcas Island. It was later found wrecked on the Yakima Nation Reservation.

2009: Harris-Moore creates havoc across Island and San Juan counties as he commits multiple thefts, including a Cirrus SR 22 airplane, boats and then robbed the Island County Band, Ace Hardware, numerous home and several other businesses.

February 2010: He steals a plane from the Anacortez airport and later crash lands on Orcas Island.

May 2010: Harris-Moore steals a boat on Lopez Island. It is found the next day by theU.S. Coast Guard on Camano Island.

June 2010: He burglarizes a home on Camano Island and then leaves the area. Harris-Moore's crime spree extends to at least five other states.

July 4, 2010: Harris-Moore stelas a single-engine plane inBloomington,Indiana. It was later found wrecked in the Bahamas.

July 11, 2010: He is finally captured by authorities in the Bahamas.

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