Commentary: UW's Holt should be fired; Shelton's Strand endures tragedy; Seahawks lay egg

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All I have to say about the Seahawks performance today. They laid one big goose egg.

And if you want other pictures to describe the Seahawks final score? There’s a bagel…or a donut. Or a wheel. All objects resembling a zero.

But we start by putting our Bud Light Spotlight on a positive and a negative.

By now, many of you have heard about the despicable crime in Shelton over Labor Day Weekend. Arsonists burned down a new 2400 square foot clubhouse. The clubhouse was part of a senior project by three Shelton students.

One of the seniors was football player Joe Strand. In February, Joe’s dad, Steven, was killed by a drunk driver. He was heading to watch Joe play basketball, when his motorcycle was hit.

To make matters worse on Friday night, Strand was taken off the field in an ambulance after suffering a broken tibia and dislocated ankle. In less than nine months, his father was tragically killed, his senior project was ruined – and now his football season is over.

And yet, all Joe Strand wanted to do on Saturday morning was make it to team film. He might never play football again for the High Climbers, but he still wanted to be there for his team. To say that it spoke volumes about his character is an understatement – and he’s deserving of so much more.

I’ve never met Joe Strand, but if he was here, I’d want to shake his hand. He’s been through hell, and we can only hope good things are headed his way. I hope I’m not out of line in saying he’s the epitome of “a high climber” and wish him the best of luck moving forward.

That story will clearly soften the blow of what I have to say about Huskies Defensive Coordinator Nick Holt - aside from the central theme that he should be fired.

Through three games, the defense has shown little if any improvement. They`ve allowed close to 37 points per game and more than 450 yards on average.

The third season is normally reserved for evaluating coaches, and Holt shouldn`t be given a passing grade. The offense has improved, the special teams - aside from Bishop Sankey`s mistake on Saturday - have improved as well.

But the defense continues to be over-matched and ill-prepared. Name a game other than the Holiday Bowl that Holt`s “D” has impressed against a talented opponent.

Yes, it's just the start of the third season and many of his seniors are still Tyrone Willingham guys. But you can argue that Holt's not putting them in the right position to succeed. The first three offenses they`ve faced have imposed their will. With Eastern Washington and Hawaii, it was the pass game. With Nebraska, it was on the ground. The Huskers rushed for 309 yards.

I don`t have the numbers in front of me, but Holt is making about $650,000 a year, and his contract runs through next season. As one of the highest paid public employees in our state, it`s my opinion that he`s not earning his money.

Said Holt after the game, "we all need to do our jobs better." At least he understands that. But his seat right now should be the hottest of all.

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