Death Toll In California Train Crash Rises

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 LOS ANGELES (AP) - The death toll from the California train
collision has risen to 25.
      It's the nation's deadliest rail disaster in 15 years.
      A Los Angeles Metrolink commuter train ran into a freight train
in the San Fernando Valley during the Friday afternoon rush hour.
The wreck left such a mass of smoldering, twisted metal that it
took nearly a day to recover all the bodies.
      A Metrolink spokeswoman says it appears the commuter train's
engineer failed to stop at a red signal. The engineer is believed
to be among those killed.
      Authorities later announced that the effort to recover bodies
from the Metrolink train's crushed front car had ended, with the
death toll at 24. It rose to 25 when one of the injured survivors
died at a hospital.
      At least nine of the 135 people injured in the wreck are still
in critical condition.
      The collision occurred on a horseshoe-shaped section of track
where vision would have been obscured by trees and buildings.
Federal investigators say data recorders have been recovered from
both trains, plus a video recorder from the freight train.

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