Driver's Ed Teacher Charged With Groping Nine Kids

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A former driver's ed instructor who worked at "Swerve" on Mercer Island, has been formally charged with sexually assaulting nine children.

Court papers released Tuesday afternoon show that Mark Satterlund was also a licensed massage therapist who worked out of his Bellevue home. A mother of one sexual assault victim visited Satterlund for massage services. 

Prosecutors say the client would bring the 11-year-old to her appointments and during the massage, the boy says Satterlund would rub the boy's thighs and between his thighs while his mother was face-down on the massage table.

On another date in May of 2010, the boy describes how his mom dropped him off at Satterlund's home to work on a project. Court documents claim Satterlund took off his pants telling the boy he needed to be more "comfortable."  The boy says Satterlund wore boxer briefs and that seeing him in his underwear made him uncomfortable.

The rest of the charges released Tuesday describe Satterlund allegedly touching and groping driver's ed students while on drives.  On one occasion, Satterlund is accused of putting his hand on the young driver's thigh. The student didn't report the behavior because he didn't want to fail the drive.

Eventually, one student complained and court papers show Swerve administrators had a meeting with Satterlund.  Documentation shows Satterlund admitted touching his leg but that he did it for "encouragement."  Satterlund admitted that he should not touch the students and said that he works hard to control the impulse.

Prosecutors say this shows that Satterlund did nothing to stop his behavior, as court papers show similar behavior continued June of 2010.

Q13 FOX News contacted "Swerve," Tuesday for comment and was told company officials would try to issue a statement regarding their former employee Wednesday.

Further investigation, according to court records, indicates Satterlund molested a 10-year-old female relative in 2004.  The girl was staying at the home of Satterlund and his wife when she says he massaged her with her shirt on -- and then asked her to take her shirt off.  The girl says at that time, Satterlund told her "nothing would happen" and proceeded to massage her chest for three to 10 minutes.

Satterlund's trial date is set for June 6th.  He faces 9 counts of child molestation or assault as well as two counts of Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes.


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