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Jury deliberating in South Park murder case

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Jurors in the South Park murder case are deliberating the charges against Isaiah Kalebu who has been charged with raping and assaulting two women in 2009. One of the women who was attacked died from injuries she suffered.

Judge Michael Hayden ended testimony in the case Wednesday when he denied a request by the Kalebu's attorneys to enter an insanity plea on behalf of their client.

Kalebu's attorneys made the request after Kalebu testified on his own behalf and told the court he suffered from mental illness and indicated he was at the scene of the crime.

On the final day of testimony, Kalebu faced jurors for the first time. He has been secluded, watching his trial from a separate room because of his repeated outbursts and suicide attempts.

Kalebu was restrained with an electronic wristband, which was blocked from the jury's view by a partition. He testified that he was told "by my god, the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to attack my enemies and I did so."

After Kalebu's testimony, closing arguments capped three weeks of dramatic testimony from first responders, forensic experts and the surviving victim of the attack. (It is Q13 FOX News policy to not name victims of sexual assault.)

If convicted, Kalebu, 25, could spend the rest of his life in prison.



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HomicideJustice SystemCrime, Law and JusticeMichael HaydenAssault